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Online voting by the numbers for a Homeowner Association (HOA)

We make elections better.

The job of a volunteer Board of Directors in a Homeowners Associations (HOA) is already complex, taxing, and time consuming. When it comes to the annual and special elections, the pressure can be amplified even further. Votegrity and our fully managed online voting solution can solve that while driving down costs, increasing turnout, and expediting time to outcomes.

As an example, a 300 person HOA hybrid election we recently ran required 6,200 pages of paper to be printed and folded, 900 envelopes to be addressed and perfectly matched to the ballots, and then an additional $880 in postage to be applied before mailing. This is after the project management of collecting candidate statements, designing ballots, proof reading in triplicate to ensure there were no typos in candidate names, addresses, or other quality issues. For a group of volunteers that do this rarely, the whole process could take several weeks to get the same ballots ready to send out.

A Homeowner Association election run through an online voting platform, such as Votegrity’s, immensely reduces the stress, costs, and time to outcomes allowing for the Property Manager, HOA Board, and/or Volunteers to focus on executing on outcomes rather than the means of getting to them.

HOA comparison of the numbers, this equally applies to Unions:

When you compare an HOA election run online versus paper, the cost and time savings can be immense. This cost is amplified as the number of voters goes up. Votegrity can help!

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