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HOA Voting Services
Image by Avi Waxman



Increase voting participation and access

Votegrity understands that election cycles can take up a large portion of a HOA’s time and budget due to printing, mailing, and administrative costs. Votegrity works with you to find the optimal voting methods to increase voter participation and access. This is amplified in situations where you manage multiple properties and elections throughout the year, Votegrity can help. 

We know how demanding running a HOA can be and empathize that sometimes your election deadlines occur sooner than planned. Our Election Success Experts are available today to help you meet your bylaw and notification requirements.


We help HOAs run efficient and accurately tabulated elections in order to ensure maximum voter participation and significantly reduce administrative costs.

Convenient and Expanded Voting Options
Members of your HOA have multiple options to cast their ballot at whichever method is most convenient for them: mail, online, and in-person.

Cost-Effective Solution
Save time, money, and administrative resources by letting us run your election.

Fully-Managed & Administered
With Votegrity, we track, report and tabulate results in real-time for your board members to access at their convenience.

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