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Hundreds of thousands of voters served globally.
Achieve quorum every time.

Votegrity is a full-service private elections partner who delivers the highest standards of services for accurate, timely, trusted elections. We support all voting methods - online, hybrid, paper, or mail-in/in-person with a turnkey, frictionless, platform and expert guidance.



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Homeowner Associations Voting_Votegrity.jpg
HOA Voting

Homeowner Associations of all sizes can achieve quorum every time while reducing costs and complexity.

Private club voting_Votegrity
Private Club Voting

Manage elections and voting with confidence. Any type of voting needs are supported.

Secure Union Voting_Votegrity
Union Voting

One Member, One Vote. Unions can be assured of highly secure, private, auditable elections with robust reporting.
Non-profit secure, flexible voting solutionvoting_Votegrity
Non-Profit Voting

We provide non-profits a cost-effective, secure, and flexible voting solution that meets all regulations.
Association Voting_Votegrity
Association Voting

Manage Board nominations, elections, budget approval, or changing bylaws with our simple to execute, encrypted, robust solutions.
Custom Voting solutions
Custom Voting

One-size doesn’t fit all. We work with all types and sizes of organisations to develop customised solutions that meet your voting needs.
Elections can be time consuming for any organization. Votegrity Election Success Experts work with you to help simplify the process with our proven, secure, platforms.

We partner with a variety of groups in the United States and Internationally to help achieve election goals with the certainty they will meet quorum. Combined we have over 75 years of professional expertise and conduct voting in multiple languages across 7 countries, and growing. Votegrity has conducted elections in multiple languages simultaneously with proficiency and professionalism.

We can tailor our solutions to help meet your specific needs.


Votegrity’s ‘Security Plus’ election services platforms are rooted in cryptography. Votegrity protects ballots and the integrity of elections through end-to-end verification, guaranteeing secure voting. Votegrity provides voters with ballot casting assurance for trusted elections that meet quorum every time.

Votegrity Customer Testimonials


Votegrity makes everything easier in the long run and is affordable. It's a Community Manager's dream! I really support their mission and have received excellent product and service with exceptional customer service.

R. Norris, Community Association Manager — Best Management Co.

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