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Hybrid Voting

Increase participation through flexibility

A hybrid voting model gives voters multiple options to cast their vote, ensuring convenient access to the ballot through mail, online, or an onsite location. This increases voter participation and flexibility by preserving the traditional paper ballot while also giving an online voting option.


An example of a typical hybrid voting package with Votegrity:

  • Design, creation, and management of your online and paper ballot(s)

  • Data management to get your mailing list in shape

  • Direct mailing to all certified voters (domestic and/or international)

  • Election notification letter and voting instructions

  • Voter guide (candidate statements, financials, bylaws, etc.) creation

  • Delivery of online and paper ballot(s)

  • Relevant tabulation services aligned to your requirements, more below

Hand tabulating votes is a complex, extremely tedious task, especially after volunteers have spent hours handling paper. Votegrity understands these demands perfectly. For paper voting, Votegrity can automate paper ballot tabulation while still sending you digitized copies of all ballots for the purposes of any future recount or archiving. Alternatively, Votegrity can also have the ballots returned to you directly from the voters so  you can tabulate using your preferred method. Regardless, Votegrity will help you with your exact needs.

Benefits of hybrid services:

Flexible options. Multiple voting options significantly increase voter turnout as well as  the broadest possible representation of your constituency. 


Greater efficiency. Votegrity significantly reduces the administrative tasks for your election administrations. 

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