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Specific Needs
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Elections embody our highest ideals. They are our individual voice, as well as our collective voice. Together, they form the foundation of a functional, civil society. These are big concepts that Votegrity upholds in every election and decision process it is privileged to participate in, no matter how small or large. Homeowners Associations (HOAs), unions, private clubs and more — all of these can be assured of a fully managed, highly efficient election from start to finish. It may be online, by mail, in-person, or a combination. Votegrity delivers real-time data, security, auditability, and more.


Our Election Success Experts would be delighted to talk to you further about your specific needs.  With over 75 years professional experience and a highly extensible voting solution, odds are together we can deliver a solution that delights your voters, meets your budget and timelines, and exceeds your expectations every time.

Benefits of working with Votegrity:


Seasoned election professionals with a voter centered design process.


Multiple notification and voting options including multi-language support.


We meet your organization wherever you are in the process to comply with requirements and create the best experience possible.


A voting solution tailored to your organization and its unique goals and voting requirements. 

Full support throughout your election from our team to clarify your questions, offer advice, and troubleshoot.


Greater efficiency. Votegrity significantly reduces the administrative tasks for your election administrators. 

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Every election and decision deserve certainty

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