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Private Club Voting
Image by Dean


Voter participation is always crucial, but private clubs have their own issues. Membership may be seasonal, harder to engage online, or even spread across vastly different time zones. Votegrity understands it can be challenging and expensive to engage members in private clubs. Nonetheless, Votegrity has a flawless record of running elections for country clubs, sporting clubs, and affinity groups of all kinds seeking fully-managed, efficient, and convenient elections with maximum voter turnout. 

Club elections ensure members are democratically voted into positions required to operate a club. Clubs can have members spanning different states or countries, making it difficult to run an election with various bylaws and (other election rules). Votegrity has experience running successful international club elections with significantly high voter participation. 





Our voting solution helps conduct highly secure elections, ensuring privacy and confidence in results.

Convenient and Expanded Voting Options
Club members enjoy the flexibility to cast their ballot in the manner that’s most convenient for them, whether it’s by mail, online, or in-person.

Cost-Effective Solution
Save time, money, and administrative resources by letting us manage your election.

Fully-Managed & Administered
With Votegrity, we track, report and tabulate results in real-time for your board members to access at their convenience.

Efficient, transparent and accurate

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