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Complete Solution

Preserving the integrity of the process.

Votegrity would be honored to partner together to meet your needs all year round. We can remove the heavy lifting of collecting nominations and preparing candidate statements through paper and/or electronic means. After nominations and/or ballot information has been collected, we can facilitate and manage your election and decision processes end-to-end from notifications, through voting, and then tabulation and giving you the results in a format that meets requirements. All the while empowering you with the data, without sacrificing the privacy of your voters, to know where your election stands the entire way – no more guessing if you’ve hit quorum. After the election we empower you to stay connected with your voters, organization, and community through surveys.  This ensures you have the data to make good decisions all year long, positioning you well for the next annual cycle.

Administrators / Election Boards / Moderators

Administrators, Election Boards, and Moderators always have far more than an election on their plate. They need to know with absolute certainty that every voter is empowered to vote and that every vote cast has been recorded. Furthermore, any solution must be easy to use while leaving no room for ambiguity in the voting process. All of this is amplified by zero room for error in ballot design, delivery, and tabulation. It’s a tall order, and we want to make it go as smoothly as possible in both public and private sector elections. With all of this in mind, Votegrity offers:


  • The design, building, delivering, and tabulating of your election whether online, paper, or a combination of the two.

  • Elections in compliance with your bylaws and preferences. 

  • A real-time dashboard available 24/7 that allows you to see who has voted and the overall participation in the process. 

  • The capability to remind voters who have not cast a ballot to vote in order to reach quorum.




The new considerations of modern voting


Today’s voters are faced with more demands than ever on their busy schedules. Factor in work commitments, home schooling, family, and all the other social and economic stresses that are beyond our control and there’s almost no time to do anything else, let alone vote. It’s clear people today need flexibility in their voting options. Votegrity allows voices to be heard and counted today in all the following ways:


  • Anywhere-anytime voting capabilities with the Votegrity online voting solution.

  • Efficient establishment of credentials rather than waiting for the mail.

  • The ability to change your mind and re-vote — only the last ballot cast counts.

  • A smart ballot tracker that guarantees your ballot made it into the ballot box and was counted as cast.



Don’t trust us. Trust the math.


Votegrity solutions use end-to-end verification rooted in open source cryptographic protocols so that Independent auditors — either self-nominated or board-selected — can have full confidence in the data as well as the integrity of election results. Votegrity elections always include:


  • An auditor portal where you can monitor the voter roll, as well as the ballots cast and counted.

  • A system that guarantees only legitimate ballots are counted and no ballots are removed from the system.

  • The ability to see and confirm the expulsion of any invalid ballot.

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