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Online Voting

Designed to put the voter at the center

Online voting with Votegrity enables people to incorporate voting into their day with a minimum of disruption and inconvenience. Designed to put the voter at the center, online voting solutions reduce election costs, complexity, and even your carbon footprint. Online voting is also helpful for voters suffering from mobility issues or any disability that limits activity. 


An example of a typical online voting package with Votegrity:

  • Design, creation, and management of your online ballot(s)

  • Creation and distribution of voting credentials to all certified voters

  • Tracking and reporting of key election statistics

  • Electronic reminder(s) to those that have not yet voted

  • Electronic tabulation and delivery of results in minutes not hours or days

Benefits of online voting:

A voting solution tailored to your organization and its unique goals and voting requirements. 

Preserves integrity through end-to-end verification and open-source cryptography. 

We meet your organization wherever you are in your election process to comply with bylaws and improve your voting process. 

Full support throughout your election from our team to clarify your questions, offer advice, and troubleshoot.

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