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Union Voting Services
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Efficient, transparent and accurate

The hallmarks of a good union election are the exact same as any good election. Members seek an efficient, transparent and accurate vote that represents a wide swathe of union membership. Votegrity elections achieve all of this and more for unions.


Votegrity as an independent third-party, can help remove the contention that comes with union elections. Our ability to turn around results quickly, often in minutes, also reduces the undesired stress of waiting for what comes next after the votes have been counted. 


Our voting solution helps conduct highly secure elections, ensuring privacy and confidence in results.

Convenient and Expanded Voting Options
Members of your union have multiple options to cast their ballot using the method most convenient for them—by mail, online, or in-person.

Cost-Effective Solution
Save time, money, and administrative resources by letting us manage your election.

Fully-Managed & Administered
With Votegrity, we track, report and tabulate results in real-time for your board members to access at their convenience.

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