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Paper Service

Implement and manage the entire process

Votegrity can seamlessly run your paper elections and surveys from start to finish. We can implement and manage the entire process with a minimum of complexity while saving you the hassle and expense of printing, folding, stuffing, applying postage, and, finally, hand counting and tabulating ballots.


An example of a typical paper voting package with Votegrity:

  • Design, creation, and management of your paper ballot(s)

  • Data management to get your mailing list in shape

  • Direct mailing to all certified voters (domestic and/or international)

  • Election notification letter and voting instructions

  • Voter guide (candidate statements, financials, bylaws, etc.) creation

  • Delivery of online and paper ballot(s)

  • Relevant tabulation services aligned to your requirements, more below

Hand tabulating can be tedious work and can run the risk of significant human error, particularly after extended periods of handling paper. Votegrity is an alternative to this very tedious (but necessary) process. Votegrity can automate paper ballot tabulation, but also send you digitized copies of all ballots for auditing or archival purposes. Alternatively, Votegrity can also return the ballots directly to you. You choose the methods best for your community. No matter what the needs, Votegrity will help you to conduct an efficient, auditable election that will satisfy all parties. 

Benefits of paper services:

Compliance with by-laws. Your by-laws may mandate the delivery of paper notifications and/or ballots within certain timelines.  We can ensure that happens while you focus on other key tasks.

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