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One Partner for All Your Election Management Needs: Votegrity's Diverse Clientele

Updated: May 22

Several people standing in front of a ballot box, placing their voting ballots inside

Who We Serve

At Votegrity, when we say we're in the business of election management, most people assume it's public voting in local, state, or national elections. Many people forget that elections are a fabric of the democratic decision-making process, and if you are an organized entity of any kind with elected officers, by-laws, and a budget, elections become a necessary part of your organization's operations.

You may ask, who do we actually service? Here's a rundown of some of our customers.

Home Owners' Associations (HOA)

This is our biggest customer group. Homeowners' Associations run annual,

(a) Board of Directors

(b) Budget approvals

(c) By-law amendments

(d) Restating of governing documents

Our clients are looking for an election management partner who can help remove the administrative headaches of the election process and free them to focus on other tasks.

Professional Associations

With over 100,000 professional and trade associations in the United States alone, these organizations serve as a voice for their members and as a means for collaboration and networking. Some may represent lawyers, nurses, and dentists, to name a few. Professional associations conduct annual meetings where members vote on a number of overlapping elections as HOAs.

Religious Organizations

Although clergy nominations are not annual, they hold a special place within their communities regardless of the religious organization, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism. These are important events that require proper election management and precedence by a neutral third-party organization, like Votegrity.


Unions have become a topic of increased discussion as more workers choose to unionize. Like other organized groups, unions have specific organizational needs, including annual elections that allow members to vote on essential decisions such as selecting leaders and approving by-law amendments impacting their workplace.

Private Clubs

When you hear the term, private club, most people think of golf clubs and country clubs, but there are university clubs, racquet clubs, yacht clubs and many more. Many of these organizations are not-for-profits and have come together because of a common mission and goal. They, like other organizations, have by-laws and annual elections.

Sporting Leagues and Associations

Sporting leagues and associations play a critical role in promoting sportsmanship, fair play, and community spirit. These organizations are responsible for organizing amateur and professional sporting events as well as cultivating the next generation of athletes through educational support. We don't often think about the needs of sporting leagues/associations, but Votegrity supports them all the same.

Interest Groups

These groups represent diverse special interest groups and communities, different from private clubs and professional associations. They come together to advance their specific goals and concerns, ranging from environmental conservation and human rights to advocacy for particular communities like Native Americans or Indigenous Peoples.


Let Votegrity be your partner no matter your organizational needs; for more on who we serve and how we can help, please get in touch with us through a live demo or virtual lunch & learn session.

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