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Top 5 FAQs we heard at Votegrity.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Every company gets its share of queries. At Votegrity, we appreciate these. They provide insights into what visitors, prospects and customers want to know about. Furthermore, they help us to understand how we need to improve communications. This month, we’re sharing our top 5 most frequently asked questions.


1 | How much does it cost?

Votegrity charges a flat fee of $250 for a fully managed election up to 25 voters. For 26-100 voters, there’s an additional fee of $3 per voter. The next tier takes you up to 250 voters which costs an additional $2 per voter. If your election is 250+ voters, rates get even lower.

Above is representative of typical elections. Each election is unique and because of that, we work with each customer to minimize their costs and build a package to fit their exact requirements be it online voting, paper ballots, on-site kiosks, or hybrid elections. We diligently work to maximize value and exceed expectations as outstanding customer experience means everything to us.

For more details or to book an appointment with us, please visit


2 | How soon can you help run an election?

In most cases, we can help you run an election almost immediately. As a rule, we meet your organization wherever you are in your election process in compliance with by-laws and while streamlining your voting process wherever possible.

Our technologists are doing the final preparations of our self-serve voting system to empower you to run your own elections on demand for those that prefer do-it-yourself.

To tell us about an upcoming election where you need our help, please book an appointment with us on calendly here:


3 | How can I ensure the privacy/security of the ballot?

Votegrity painstakingly protects the privacy of every vote. Online votes are encrypted inside your browser before they’re securely sent to the server via SSL. The vote is then stored in the database in encrypted form. When the polls close, Votegrity uses advanced cryptographic techniques (homomorphic encryption) to combine all of the votes into an encrypted tally. Then the tally is decrypted so we can share the results. Unless a paper ballot or special tabulation method is required, we offer end-to-end verification and encryption.

When needed, Votegrity has the ability for election administrators to designate multiple trustees to heighten both vigilance and accountability. All trustees must be involved in the decryption process to ensure that only the tally—never the individual votes—is decrypted at a mutually agreed upon date and time, not until then.

In addition to all of the above, each voter is given a ballot tracker that can be used to guarantee their ballot was received and counted as intended.


4 | Are you an online elections company?

Yes, and Votegrity is more than that. Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Unions, Private Clubs, and more—all of these can be assured of a fully managed, highly efficient election from start to finish with Votegrity. It may be online, by mail, in-person, or a combination. No matter what the format of the election, Votegrity delivers real-time data, security, auditability, and more. We are your partner in delivering trusted, verifiable elections.

We don't stop there. Votegrity is there for you all year round every step of the way from electronic opt-in campaigns and help on your digital transformation, through notification letters and removing friction from the nomination process, and helping to poll the community for where time, money, and effort should be spent in support of ratifying governing documents, approving the budget, special assessments, or electing the board.


5 | Out of all my options why choose Votegrity?

It starts with the fact we truly care about the people we work with. We enjoy getting to know you and your needs so together we can deliver a solution that everyone is excited about and find easy to use. This hold true for our Enterprise Partners as well as our one-time partners. Decision making can be hard, contentious, and stressful. No one wants the mechanics of the process to compound that further. We work hand-in-hand with you as much or little as you need every step of the way to get to auditable outcomes that can be actioned. To us, you are not just another customer, you are special.

That is amplified by our proven professional experience as the Election Experts. Our Team has run the gamut of decision making processes ranging from dog clubs, small communities and private clubs to unions of household names. At the other end of the spectrum we've designed, built, and operated election software used in international elections for the public sector with millions of voters and omni-channel voting. Chances are we've already run something like what you need, and if not, welcome the partnership and collaboration in doing so next.


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